According to the conclusions of the special Eurobarometer 419, “Public Perceptions of Science, Research and Innovation” (October 2014), a large proportion of Europeans believe that science and technological innovation will have a positive impact in addressing most of the issues facing society in the next 15 years. “Education and skills” appears as one of the high priorities expressed by respondents. In this context, it becomes necessary to go beyond academia and disseminate the results of the project to the general society.

In this section you will find work related to Work Package 5.

Down in the depths 'on' Carathéodory's theorem

Convex geometry is a branch of mathematics which, despite dating back from ancient times, has boosted particularly in the last century. Its main object of study are those sets being closed under convex combinations, called convex sets. I this article, David Orden tells us about recent results related to Carathéodory's theorem, a classical theorem in convex geometry.

Triangulations and face morphing

Face morphing has become quite popular in the last years; from mixing the faces of two celebrities to guessing how your baby could look, many TV shows and apps use software which changes one face into another through a continuous and smooth transition. In these articles, David Orden tells us about the morphing of triangulations.